A Safer, More Natural Alternative to Common Incense Sticks

Incense can be a great way of setting the mood in a room, covering up household odors, or otherwise improving the experience of living in a home. With so many different varieties of incense on the market, too, picking the perfect scent for any need or occasion is typically easy to do.

Unfortunately, just which ingredients any given variety of incense contains is often hard to figure out. The kind of incense most commonly found on the market consists of scent-producing oils that are soaked into absorbent flammable materials like charcoal.

While some few high-profile producers of such incense take great pride in ensuring the safety of their output, that tends to be the exception. In fact, most incense is produced in relatively small factories where virtually anything goes, and these business owners have been known to cut corners in order to save a little money.

That might be fine for some products but not for incense. When incense is burned it invariably puts foreign substances into the air that people breathe. Some of these contributions, of course, are what allow for the pleasing scents that so many people enjoy. Others, though, could well be harmful to the health of those who inhale them, and it can be difficult to know if these are present.


Because of this, many of those who love incense are now turning to purer, more natural alternatives. A range of herbal incense producers and sellers like incenser.com now offer all-natural alternatives to the mysterious substances that used to be the norm in the world of incense.

While directly inhaling the smoke produced by herbal incense is still probably not a good idea, the fact is that these substances are much better understood than what goes into incense of a traditional sort. The common herbs that are used to produce such incense, after all, have been used regularly, in most cases, for centuries, so that any dangers associated with them would long since have come to light.

Enjoying the many benefits does not need to require facing unknown health risks, then. The truth is that there are plenty of excellent alternatives that can provide both safety and the wonderful scents that so many people seek. Whether with a fresh supply of incense ready for burning or with a jar full of equally appealing herbal potpourri, many more people are discovering just how healthful and enjoyable these scents can be.

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